AEthernal Super8 Documentaries!

Activities dealing with 'live/streaming(?)' media can be regarded as immanently in opposition to the more spread 'product=result' oriented media usages - therefore we praise the word 'procesual' and try to find equilibrium between 'working' and the work as a result. Even more - (I) deny any value to completed work itself if the process of working for it didn't result in productive human relationships being evolved... along same coordinates of 'real-time=streaming' approach=understanding of social life. It may not always be the case (as in some of the below experiences) but it is a wish...

Below are examples of 'multimedia' collaborations during past couple of years, which were structured in form of a workshop which differs entirely to the form of lecture (i.e.: presentation). Again - the results seen may look troubleless - which was never the case.